Iridium Accessories

K.S.C. is officieel Iridium Dealer, BEAM dealer en Iridium Value Added Developer (VAD)

Het Iridium netwerk bestaat uit 66 zgn. Low Orbit Satellites, welke dekking geven over de gehele wereld.

Handfree bellen met de Motorola 9555

Satdock 9555

Beam SatDOCK In-vehicle hands-free docking station provides a high quality semi-permanent installation for the Iridium 9555 handset.

The docking station has inbuilt echo cancelling and full duplex technologies to provide superior voice quality and professional handsfree or privacy calls for various transport application.

The SatDOCK supports Tracking & Alert functionality via the dedicated in built GPS engine.

Tracking messages can be pre configured to support periodic reporting, manual position report update via button press,

remote polling or the sending of an emergency alert messages all via SMS / SMS to email or SBD ( Short Burst Data )

Iridium Accessories

RST 620

Beam TranSAT RST620 Fixed Satellite Telephone provides a complete hands-free voice and data telephone for a wide variety of marine, land and air applications.

TransSAT RST620 operates in very much the same way you would expect a traditional car phone, providing a compact user handset that can be located close

to the driver / captain, hands-free or private communications, integrated speaker, microphone and transceiver supporting a professional looking installation.

There are added features that enable TranSAT RST620 unit to be integrated to communications systems via the line in/out, serial data connectivity, radio mute,

horn alert and a robust inbuilt 10-32V DC power supply.

Iridium Accessories


Beam IridiTRAK (RST430) terminal is a small and lightweight device that uses the latest technology in providing global alert,

tracking and monitoring services. With its inbuilt 16 channel GPS engine and its Iridium 9601 Short Burst Data modem you can track your vehicles,

vessels, assets and personnel virtually anywhere on earth.

IridiTRAK (RST430) is specifically designed to support a range of optional “man down” accessories for monitoring personnel in lone worker applications

and has an inbuilt alert acknowledgement protocol for added safety.

Iridium Accessories


Enjoy all the features offered by the SatStation Hands Free Dock (hands-free voice and data communication) with out the installation!

This desktop version of the SatStation Hands Free Dock is ideal for the office or home and portable situations.

It is efficiently designed to lay on a flat surface and blend into any professional environment or command center.

While in hands free mode it is great for conference calling. When the phone rings you can hear it loud and clear with a built in loudspeaker.

The SatStation Desktop allows for better communications and the benefits of a fixed phone with a portable option!

Since the dock is charging your satellite phone, you will have a fully charged phone ready to be used either at your command post or underway.

Iridium Accessories

RST 720

Iridium antenna (RST720) designed for Land based applications

. Iridium approved
. Designed for harsh environments
. Small and lightweight
. Aluminium Alloy Casting
. Manufactured in the USA
. 12 Month warranty
. 5m cable attached

Iridium Accessories

9555 Baterry Charger

Charge an Iridium 9555 battery in this small and compact unit.

The SatStation Battery Charger is perfect for those who will be at remote locations for long periods

of time who require multiple batteries. An ideal accessory for any user who absolutely needs a charged battery at all times.

The charger can stay plugged in for years and maintain the charge of your battery.

Iridium Accessories

9505 Baterry Charger

Charge an Iridium 9500/9505/9505a battery in this small and compact unit.

The SatStation Iridium Battery Charger is perfect for those who will be at remote locations for long periods of time.

An ideal accessory for the person on-the-go.