K.S.C. is officieel Iridium Dealer en Iridium Value Added Developer (VAD)

Het Iridium netwerk bestaat uit 66 zgn. Low Orbit Satellites, welke dekking geven over de gehele wereld.

Het meest robuste toestel op het iridium netwerk is de Motorola 9505(a)


•Dimensions: 158 L x 62 W x 59 D mm
•Volume: Under 375 cc (22.9 ci)
•Weight: Under 375 g (13.2 oz)

Battery Life
•Provides up to 30 hours of standby time
•Provides up to 3.6 hours of talk time

•4 x 16 character illuminated graphic display
•User-controlled illuminated display

Calling Features
•Call barring
•Call forwarding – unconditional, mobile subscriber busy, subscriber not reachable
•Clear last digit/clear all digits
•Fixed Dialing
•International access key sequence (+ key)

•Industrial-grade design
•Data-capable (use your satellite phone to transmit and receive data with an optional adapter)
•Field replaceable antenna (accessory sold separately)
•Global SMS
•Headset/hands-free capability
•Simple GSM-style dialing
•21 supported menu languages

Deze satelliettelfoon wordt niet meer geproduceerd en kan nieuw niet meer geleverd worden.