Aero-HSD+ The compact and light-weight Aero-HSD+ system offers you access to phone, fax, e-mail and internet services on the aircraft. With the new optional high speed unit (HSU) you are able to get a bandwidth of up to 128 kbps

Supporting both MPDS and ISDN the Aero-HSD+ allows you to choose the most convenient and economic way of transmitting data. With MPDS you are always online and only paying for the amount of data transmitted. It is ideal for e-mails, Internet, airborne server applications and VPNs. With ISDN you pay per minute. ISDN is perfect for large file transfers, videoconferences and other data intensive transmissions.

Scopes of application:
Secure Communication
Cockpit Communication
Video Conferencing

The basic system
The standard Aero-HSD+ system consist of a Satellite Data Unit (SDU), a High Power Amplifier (HPA), a configuration module and a handset. The Aero-HSD+ system operates with standard ARINC 741 compliant Antenna systems.

2 global voice, fax and data channels
1-2 high-speed channels (64/128K)
Cockpit channel
MPDS & ISDN connections
Configuration Data Module
Internal Cabin Telephone Unit (Switchboard)
RS-232 maintenance port
RS-422/Ethernet for IP router/server
Built-in Test Equipment (BITE)
STE Encryption